Arrive at Life...ALIVE!


Last night I was driving to my favorite restaurant in Boston.  It's a little hippyish vegan place called Life Alive.  I had punched the address into my new phone and when I was close to the restaurant my phone proudly proclaimed "In 1.3 miles you will arrive at Life Alive".  Wow, I thought to myself.  What a profound statement.  To arrive at Life ALIVE!  How many times do we arrive at life like a zombie?  Like someone who doesn't want to be there?  And I'm not just talking about work , I'm talking about everything in life.  Our family, our relationships, our hobbies, our friends.  How often do arrive at these things feeling dead because we've done them a million times before?  I for one know that I'm guilty of doing this quite often.  "The Grind" I call it.  And it sucks.  But for once I'd like to believe that I have a choice.  That I can choose to arrive at Life ALIVE.  So in this New Year I'd like to challenge myself and all of you.  How can you arrive at LIFE....ALIVE?