Failing Spectacularly

I didn't really fail at anything in my life until I was about 22.  I don't really count what happened before I was about 14, but from 14 to 22 I was good at pretty much everything I put my mind to.  And then in my 20's I starting failing, over and over again.  Businesses, relationships, businesses again, creative projects gone awry.  Pretty much everything I started turned into a massive failure.  I began to think that I myself was a failure.  It took me  a lot of years to realize that reality couldn't be further from the truth.  There was a simple quote I read somewhere that put it in perspective.  I know it sounds ridiculous that one quote could help me put it all in perspective, but hey sometimes that actually happens!  It went something like this: The higher your goals, the more likely you are to fail.  And that's when it hit me.  I haven't been failing because I'm a failure.  I've been failing because I dare greatly.  I didn't just try and start a company, I tried to raise $2 million at the age of 24.  I didn't just try and start a hostel, I wanted to start a business that was a deep expression of inner self, as well as a model we could replicate in dozens of locations across the country and world.  And the latest failure?  I didn't just want to run a marathon, I wanted to run 50 miles through mountains for a whopping total of 11,000 vertical feet.  The grueling training eventually did so much damage to my ankle that I had to stop training.  And this time I don't feel so bad.  Because this time I realize I failed, not because I gave up, I failed because I dared so greatly that success was nearly impossible.  Does that mean I won't try again?  Hell no. I'm always going to dream big and go for it.  And if I do fail?  Well, I now see that as a marker of success.  A sign that I'm not living any little uninspired life.  I'm living big and bold and along the way there's bound to be some serious bruises!